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How Often Should I Eat?

Cary Berkley

This is a question I have been pondering a lot lately. After a few weeks on the Metabolic Balance Diet, which asks that you wait 5 hours in between meals, I realized that before the diet I was constantly in a "fed state". In other words, my digestive system was always working and my insulin levels were always at least slightly elevated. And, as soon as it finished digesting, I would feel "hungry" again. Now I am learning to work through some of those feelings that seem like hunger but are really either feelings of thirst, or perhaps even psychological feelings of hunger triggered by external factors. 

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Sweet Potatoes vs Potatoes

Cary Berkley

I have often been asked the question “why sweet potatoes over potatoes?” My first answer is: because I like them better. My second answer is: because they are more nutrient-dense. My goal is to strive for eating the most nutrient-dense foods available to me. Lets take a quick look at the nutrient profiles of both: 

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